Safety Guidelines

Park General Rules

  • NO ANIMALS (except service animals with paper work and bib) beyond parking lots
  • NO outside food and beverages.
  • NO gum or seeds allowed on fields.
  • NO metal spikes.
  • NO wading, swimming, fishing, or ice skating
  • NO tobacco products, illegal drugs, or chemicals of any kind.
  • NO spectator coolers or containers of any size.
  • NO fireworks of any kind.
  • NO missile / projectile like objects.
  • NO glass bottles or aluminum cans.
  • NO air horns, Vuvuzelas or whistles of any kind.
  • NO skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, roller shoes, etc.
  • NO un-authorized field or batting cage usage – all usage must be approved in advance.
  • NO un-authorized photography on diamonds while game is in play (Must be in dugout or outside the fence).
  • NO un-approved pamphlets, handouts, displays, advertisements, etc.
  • NO un-authorized merchandise, food, beverage, or photography sales of any kind.
  • NO un-authorized vehicles, scooters, carts or the like beyond parking lots.
  • NO un-authorized Personal Training
  • All RV/Camper’s should park in Parking Lot C; Overnight parking is not permitted

Severe Weather Policy

  • Alarm will sound when lightning is within 13 miles (This is a solid tone siren, beacon lights will turn on)
  • If the park experiences technical difficulties with the notification system, air horns will be used in a backup situation.
  • There will be a 10 minute delay from the last lightning strike before the all clear sounds (This is a pulsing high/low tone, beacon lights will turn off)
  • Grand Park management team, which includes anchor organizations, will communicate directly with Event Directors in the event of severe weather that requires evacuation.

Evacuation Plan

  • When severe weather alarm sounds, the red beacon lights will become active and all visitors and athletes must evacuate immediately to cars and stay in cars until the all clear signal sounds.
  • Any guest unable to get to their vehicle quickly due to a handicap may seek safety at the nearest shelter building.
  • In case of a tornado warning or other life threatening emergency, all visitors and athletes will be instructed to evacuate the park and seek shelter away from Grand Park.
  • Concessions will be closed throughout the delay


  • Grand Park does not provide on site medical services. AED’s are located at concession and administration buildings throughout the park.
  • An event may bring its own medical/sports trainer (strongly encouraged), and they must be informed of the Grand Park emergency policies, which are as follows:
    • If an emergency requires a 911 call, place the call, be sure to state the sport associated, and the field or diamond number.
    • Once 911 has been called, inform Grand Park staff immediately about the emergency, so the onsite emergency plan can be activated. The plan includes the Grand Park emergency vehicle and directing emergency services personnel to the location of the incident.