The D1 division is the most talented, high end division that Bullpen Tournaments offers.  D1 Teams can also be known as:

Elite, Major, Gold, AAA.


The D2 division is the next tier down talent wise.  These teams are still very competitive, just in a class separate from some of Top Teams. D2 Teams can also be known as:

Silver, B Level, AA


The D3 division offers opportunities for local or community-based travel programs. The D3 division will be introduced in our 2019 Patriot Classic. D3 teams can also be known as:

All-Star, A, Low Level B


Bullpen Tournaments Host 3 USSSA events.  Bullpen does not control sanctioning or divisions for USSSA.  USSSA controls divisions through Sanctioning.  USSSA divisions:

AA, AAA, Major