Bullpen Baseball Tournament Rules

Tournament Format:

Coin Flip: In Pool Play home team is determined by a coin flip. Higher Seed will determine home/away during tournament play. The home team will be the official book and will record game start time when announced by umpire.

  • Teams need to be prepared to play 15 minutes before their scheduled game time.


    •  Roster Submission Required: Rosters must be submitted before the first pitch of the teams’ first game. Due to requirements from the health department, rosters must be submitted by all teams attending Bullpen Tournaments.  (You may add players during the event, but they must be added to the online roster prior to entering the player’s first game). Players cannot compete for multiple teams in the same division on the same weekend. Players can compete in multiple age groups on a given weekend (Players must be age and/or grade eligible to do this.)
    •  Age Restrictions: Your age is determined by the May 1st date of that year OR your high school graduation year.
      1. If the team is found with an illegal player due to incorrect report of that players age or grade, that team will be KICKED OUT of the tournament and will forfeit all games with a score, 7-0.
      2. A Player is Only Eligible to play for 1 Team per AGE group per weekend.
        1. Example: A 10u eligible player can play for both a 10u team and an 11u team on a given weekend (As long as they are rostered on both teams).
        2. If the player is found legal, the coach protesting will lose their $100.00.
  • Tie Breaker and Advancement Rules:
    1. Win Loss Record
    2. Head to Head (does not apply with 3 or more teams tied)
    3. Runs Allowed
    4. Runs Scored
    5. Runs allowed in games against teams tied with
    6. Runs Scored in games against teams tied with
    7. Coin Flip

    Pool Winners will always be the higher seed than a non pool winner.  From there all wild card teams will be determined based on the rules below:   (After Pool winners, pool seed will have no barring on who advances, i.e a 2-0 team who finishes 2nd in there pool will be seeded behind a 1-1 team who wins there pool.) (For ABC TOURNAMENTS (Invite and Open), ALL 3 seeds will go to Silver, All 4 seeds will go to Bronze.)

    1. Record
    2. Runs Allowed
    3. Runs Scored
    4. Runs Allowed in Losses
    5. Runs Scored in Losses
    6. Coin Flip

    Game Play:

  • Coaches: Bullpen provides each team with 3 free coaches each weekend.  We strongly encourage that only 3 coaches be in the dugout.  We Reserve the right to limit the number of coaches in the dugout, if deemed necessary.Bats:  (See Banned Bats)
  • 8u to 12u, there will be bat restrictions to BPF 1.15
  • 13u BPF 1.15 or BBCOR.  Max Difference of Drop 8
  • 14u D2 BPF 1.15 or BBCOR Max Difference of Drop 5
  • 14u D1 BBCOR
  • 15u-18u BBCOR
    1. Illegal Bat Penalty
      1. It is the responsibility of each teams head coach to monitor bats  that are in play. If a player uses an illegal bat. The umpire must be notified prior to the first pitch of the next batter or before all defensive players leave fair territory.
      2. If the bat is found illegal, the batter will be ruled out and runners will not be allowed to advance.
      3. If a team has three illegal bat rules infractions the Head Coach will be ejected for the rest of the tournament.

    Balks/Dropped Third Strike: Balks will be called. The dropped third strike rule will be in play.

    Mercy Rules:

    A. 15 runs after 3 innings

    B. 10 Runs after 4 innings

    C. 8 Runs after 5 innings

    In bracket play, Run Rules will remain in effect Through the Finals.  Championship will have same run rule as Always (15 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5)

    IN Bracket Play, Better Seed is required to be the home team!

  • Intentional Walks: Head Coach needs to inform the umpire of the intentional walk and the hitter will be awarded First Base.
  • Courtesy Runner: Courtesy runner is optional for pitcher catcher at anytime. The courtesy runner must be a legal sub or the last batted out if you are batting a continuous lineup.  The courtesy runner will never be mandatory.
  • Slashing: Is legal.
  • Head first sliding into any base is legal.
  • 3rd to 1st move is ILLEGAL.
  • Balks: A balk shall be called when a pitcher, while in contact with rubber, fakes, but does not complete a throw to third base.
  • Number of Players: A game can start with either 8 or 9. However if a team drops to seven or less the game will be automatic forfeit.
  • Batting Lineups: You will have three options.
    1. Hit 9 hitters with a DH or no DH. We will honor the High School DH Rule. (14 and under).
    2. Hit 10 with one EH  and with our without a DH
    3. Hit a continuous lineup with free substitution. See ejections and injuries rules to see what happens when losing a player.

    In the situations 1 and 2 you will have to follow high school substitution rules.

  • Skunk in the Outfield Play (Where runner on First Creates his own base path by backing up into the outfield will not be allowed.  Runner at first must take a lead with a direct line toward 2nd base.
    • First Offense, Umpire will call time and issue an official team warning putting all players back to their starting base.
    • Second Offense, Runner will be declared out and any pitch or action by other runners will be nullified.
  • USA PITCH SMART GUIDLINES:Bullpen will not police these, they are simply guidelines to take care of your pitchers arms.
    AgeDaily Max0 Days1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days
  • 9U: D1 will allow leadoffs, steals, and dropped 3rd strikes all year long. D2 will not have leadoffs, steals or dropped 3rd strike in April.  May-August will be same rules as D1.
  • 8U: Max of 6 runs an inning until the Final Inning. No limit in the final inning.
  • Ejections:
    1. If a coach is ejected,
      1. He/She will be suspended for the rest of that game and the teams next played game if determined by the tournament committee. If a coach is ejected from a game, he is ejected from the park and must exit to the parking lot. If coach chooses to remain in park his team will be rewarded a forfeit loss determined by tournament committee.
    2. If a player is ejected,
      1. The player shall be suspended for the remainder of the game.  If team is hitting a continuous lineup, the player will remain in batting order and his/her team will be forced to take an out. If it is deemed to be malicious contact, or if the player performed in act with intent to injure the penalty will be determined by the tournament committee.

    Injuries: If a team is hitting a continuous lineup and a player gets injured and can not continue to play, his spot in the batting order will be skipped with no penalty. Once a player’s spot in the batting order is skipped, the player is out for the remainder of the game and can not come back into play.


  • Forfeit Ruling: 13u and up: if a team forfeits a game, it will be scored 7-0. (12 and under 6-0)
    1. Tournament Director has the ability to amend forfeit scoring
    2. Forfeits cannot better the seed for the forfeiting team
  • Complete Games and Extra Innings:
    1. If rain or weather suspends a game. 4 (3 1/2 innings if home team is winning) innings could be considered a complete game in a 6 inning game. Or 5 (4 1/2 innings if home team is winning) innings in a 7 inning game
    2. If a game is tied after 6/7 innings and time remains you will be allowed to play one extra inning. After the 7/8th inning if the game is tied it will end in a tie even if time remains.
      1. SUPER SLECT POD PLAY RULE: If the game remains tied after time has expired or the final inning of regulation; Teams will play the extra inning starting a runner (Last Batted Out) on 2nd base. 1 Out.  Each batter will start with a 1-1 count.